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WirelessHD is a specification for a wireless protocol to create a wireless video area network (WVAN). This wireless video network is suitable for a wide range of devices including televisions, HD disc players, set-top boxes, camcorders and gaming consoles.

WirelessHD is targeted to operate on a unlicensed basis in the 60 GHz frequency range with a typical range of at least 10 meter for the highest resolution High Definition video. The maximum bit rate is 4 Gbit/s. WirelessHD technology uses antennea beam steering at both the transmitter and the receiver to create very directional connections .

In a large part of the world there is already unlicensed spectrum available in the 60 GHz band. The band 57-64 GHz is allocated for unlicensed use in North America and South Korea while 59-66 GHz is allocated in Japan. In Europe, there is an initiative to allocate spectrum in the 60 GHz band for multiple gigabit wireless systems (MGWS).


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