UMTS900 is the name for the deployment of the Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS) in the 900 MHz GSM band. This band ranges from 880-915 MHz (mobile transmit) paired with 925-960 MHz (base station transmit).

The main objectives of UMTS deployment in the 900 MHz band are twofold:

  1. indoor coverage extension in urban areas
    the deployment of UMTS in the 900 MHz band can improve tremendously the indoor coverage quality.
  2. cheaper deployment in rural areas
    UMTS900 will give the mobile network operators the opportunity to use larger cells (typical cell radius 2.5 km). This larger cell is especially usefull in rural areas where there is less demand for services.

Both advantages come from the fact that the frequency is considerably lower than the frequency of the core band (2 GHz). These lower frequencies can travel further and will easier penetrate in buildings.

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