Mobile Broadcasting Satellite (MBSAT) is a satellite from the Japanese Mobile Broadcasting Corporation (MBCO) for the delivery of digital audio broadcasting and other multimedia services to mobile users. The information is transported through the use of MPEG-2 data containers. MPEG-2 AAC is used for the audio coding and MPEG-4 for the video coding to deliver CD-quality audio and TV-quality video, in addition to various types of data. The system will be able to broadcast more than 50 programs simultaneously.

MBSAT uses the S-band (2,630-2,655 MHz) to broadcast the signal to the mobile users. Use is made of terrestrial gap-fillers to enhance the coverage in cities and other areas where direct reception of the satellite signal is not possible. The satellite has 16 transponders which operate all on the same frequency band through the use of Code Divison Multiplexing.

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