Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) is a digital radio system that is designed to replace the analogue radio. The benefits of DAB above analogue FM-radio are:

To receive DAB a new DAB radio is needed.

In the first place, DAB is broadcast on terrestrial networks. Therefore it is sometimes called T-DAB; Terrestrial DAB. A satellite version (S-DAB) is developed later.

Eureka 147
The development of DAB started in 1987 as a European Project, the Eureka 147 Project. The Project merged in 1999 with the WorldDAB Forum (formerly the EuroDAB Forum). Since 2000, the WorldDAB Forum is responsible for the technical maintenance of the EU-147 DAB standard.

Multimedia services,
DAB can also be used for the deliverance of other services. DAB has two additions to the standard for the deliverance of IP packets (DAB IP) and for the deliverance of multimedia services (DMB).

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