Ultra Wideband building material analysis (UWB BMA) is a specific application using UWB technology to "look in a wall" to see if there are any objects hidden in it. E.g. UWB BMA can be used to find a cable or a pipe in a wall.

The UWB BMA system radiates a broadband signal into the wall and captures the corresponding return signal caused by the material surface, inhomogenities and buried objects. Typically the device is moved over the wall to get spatial information of the bobjects inside the wall.

Operation of an UWB BMA device
Operation of an UWB BMA device

UWB BMA is targeted to use a broad frequency range around 3 GHz, and especially the bands 1.215-1.4 GHz, 1.61-1.66 GHz, 2.5-2.69 GHz and 2.7 - 3.4 GHz. In order to use higher power levels, the device must use "Listen Before Talk" (LBT). Higher frequencies will not penetrate deep enough into the material and lower frequencies will not give precise information.

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