Broadcast and Multicast Services (BCMCS) provide the capability for Broadcast and Multicast Services in CDMA2000 mobile networks. BCMCS can be used to transfer light video and audio clips or other data to a large group of mobile subscribers in an efficiënt manner. To do so, BCMCS is a so-called point-multipoint service. This means that multiple users receive the same information using the same radio resources.

BCMCS can be used for two different kind of services. Broadcast services in which all users within the broadcasting area can receive the information and a multicast services in which only users that have subscribed to the service can receive the information

Although BCMCS can be used for mobile TV, it has some limitations in the capacity that can be used for this kind of services within the network.

EBCMCS is an enhanced version of BCMCS. EBCMCS uses a new radio interface based on OFDM to combat problems with echoes (multipath) in the transmission.

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