Band I


VHF Band I is the broadcasting band that ranges from 47 to 68 MHz in Europe and from 54-72 MHz in the Americas. This band is used mainly for analog television. The band is not used exclusively for broadcasting. Band I is used for land mobile and some other services, such as the amateur service, in a number of countries.

There are different channel arangements for this band. In most European countries there are 3 television channels (channel 2-4) available with a bandwidth of 7 MHz. In eastern Europe, in France and in Ireland, the channels are 8 MHz wide.

This band is not used for the introduction of digital television. The band may become available for other services after the switch-of of analogue television, such as amateurs, digital radio (DRM) or even digital television in the longer term. A number of countries within Europe, mainly in eastern Europe, will have analogue TV stations for many years to come.

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