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UMTS Releases


The specification of UMTS is done in phases. Specifications are grouped into “Releases”. A mobile system can be constructed based on the set of all specifications which comprise a given Release. Each new Release adds new functionalities to the system.

So far 3GPP has issued the following Releases:

  • UMTS Release 991
    • Based on GSM,
      • Backward compatible with GSM,
      • Interoperation between UMTS and GSM;
    • Definition of the UTRAN
    • UTRA
  • UMTS Release 4
    • Seperation of user data flows and control mechanisms,
    • UMTS TDD Time Division CDMA (TD-CDMA),
      • High data rate UMTS TDD with 3.84 Mchips/s,
      • Narrowband TDD with 1.28 Mchips/s;
    • Position location functionality;
  • UMTS Release 5
  • UMTS Release 6
    • IMS "Phase 2" (IMS Messaging, conferencing and Group Management),
    • High Speed Uplink (HSUPA)
    • Multimedia Broadcast/Multicast Service (MBMS)
    • WLAN interworking
  • UMTS Release 7
    • Enhanced uplink, other spectrum,
    • Multiple Input Multiple Output antennas (MIMO),
    • IMS Emergency call handling.

1The first release is based on the year of publication(1999). Later on, 3GPP just gave them a sequence number.

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