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(Ultra High Definition TV)

UHDTV (Ultra High Definition television)is a television image format that provides an image quality above high definition television. UHDTV is intended for usage both at home and in public places.

Compared with current HDTV, the improved image quality of UHDTV should bring considerably improved benefits to its viewers. Those benefits may include:

  • stronger sensation of reality or presence;
  • higher transparency to the real world;
  • more information.

It may be presented in:

  • living rooms;
  • personal spaces in mobile and non-mobile environments;
  • collective viewing locations such as theatres.

UHDTV has two different image presentation qualities defined,consisting of 2160 (4K× 2K) or 4320 (8K ×4K) active lines. 4K×2K UHDTV television is intended for broadcasting to the in-home television audiences. The 8K×4K UHDTV image format is intended for television presentations to the public in theatres, auditoria, theme parks, and other public venues.

See HDTV for the exact figures in comparison with standard television and HDTV.


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