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(System Architecture Evolution)


3GPP SAE or 3G SAE SAE (System Architecture Evolution) is a 3GPP work item to develop a new core network architecture for UMTS that addresses cost-efficient deployment and operations for mass-market usage of IP services as well as improvements in integration of other access technologies in the network.

The main drivers for the network evolution are:

  • to be able to meet the targets for the evolution of the radio-interface (LTE),
    • Symplified network architecture;
  • to enable the evolution towards an All-IP Network
  • to support mobility and service continuity between heterogeneous access networks.
    • 2G/3G, LTE, non 3GPP access systems (e.g. WiFi, WiMAX)

3G SAE is a framework for a higher-data-rate, lower-latency, packet-optimized system that supports multiple radio access technologies with a focus on packet-switching, including support of voice services (VoIP).

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