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MExE (Mobile Execution Environment) is part of the 3GPP specification, to define a flexible and secure environment for running applications on UMTS and GSM mobile devices, such as a mobile phone or a PDA. MExE makes it easy for content providers to develop applications regardless of the mobile device they are running on.

There are different versions of MExE. These are called classmarks. Each classmark is intended for a specific category of mobile devices.

  • MExE class mark 1
    MExE classmark 1 is based on WAP. MExE classmark 1 requires limited input and output facilities (e.g. a small character based display and a numeric keyboard), such as a simple mobile phone.
  • MExE class mark 2
    MExE classmark 2 supports more powerfull applications, such as gaming, that need a run-time system with more processing power, storage capabilities and a bigger display. MExE classmark2 is based on PersonalJava.
  • MExE class mark 3
    MExE classmark 3 supports Java applications running on resource constrained devices, e.g. limited processing speed or memory size. MExE classmark3 is based on Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME).
  • MExE class mark 4
  • MExE classmark 4 is based on Common Language Infrastructure - Compact Profile (CLI CP). MExE classmark 4 supports CLI based applications running on a broad range of mobile devices that can be written in a wide range of programming languages. Such devices not only may have limited memory and processing capabilities, but also limited (or not even a) display.

Support of multiple MExE classmarks on a MExE enabled device is optional.


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