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iBurst is a proprietary standard for wireless internet access from ArrayComm Inc; an American company. The iBurst system is a wireless internet access service comparable to ADSL and cable. It also supports limited mobility for the user. The user may not move to fast. iBurst is really simple to use. Only a wireless modem is needed. For the connection with the Internet Service Provider, iBurst uses the familiar wired methods such as the Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP).

The radio interface has the following key parameters:

  • Channel width: 625 kHz;
  • Time Division Duplex;
  • TDMA with 3 slots per carrier;
  • User data rates: 1 MBit/s (uplink) and 345 kbit/s (downlink);
  • Mobility support;
  • 5 MHz spectrum needed for deployment, or a multiple thereof.

iBurst is a proprietary standard. ArrayComm is active in IEEE 802.20.

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