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EESS - Earth Exploration Satellite Service

The Earth Exploration Satellite Service (EESS) is a radiocommunication service as defined in the ITU-R Radio Regulations. The main goal of the Earth Exploration Satellite Services is to monitor the conditions of the earth and of the atmosphere. This involves monitoring of and understanding the earth’s environment, e.g. stratospheric ozone depletion, middle atmosphere chemistry, tropospheric pollution, surface monitoring, sea ice monitoring, glaciology. The collected information is further used for weather and climate analysis and forecasts, e.g. warnings for dangerous weather phenomena as heavy rain, storms and cyclones.

In order to collect the information a wide variety of set frequencies is needed, including both passive and active sensing, sending information from satellites to the earth (telemetry) and to control the satellites (telecommand). The long-term collection of data (many decades) provides the basic building blocks to address environmental issues.


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