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Dedicated Short-Range Communications

Dedicated Short-Range Communications (DSRC) provide communications between a vehicle and the roadside to support specific Intelligent Transport System (ITS) applications such as Toll Collection.

DSRC provides for a two way data-link on radio frequencies in the 5,725 MHz to 5,875 MHz band between Road Side Units (RSUs) and the On Board Units (OBUs) with transceivers and transponders. The DSRC standards specify the operational frequencies and system bandwidths, but also allow for optional frequencies which are covered (within Europe) by national regulations.

In Europe, the band 5795-5805 MHz, with possible extension to 5815 MHz, is designated for Transport & Traffic Telematics (TTT). The band 5795-5805 MHz (band 5a) is for use by initial road-to-vehicle systems, in particular road toll systems, with an additional sub-band, 5805-5815 MHz (band 5b), to be used on a national basis to meet the requirements of multi-lane road junctions.


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