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The Digital Audio Visual Council (DAVIC) is a non-profit organisation formed in 1994 with the purpose of promoting the success of digital audio-visual applications and services over a television cable network. Its DAVIC 1.0 (December 1995), DAVIC 1.1 (September 1996) and DAVIC 1.2 (December 1996) cable modem standards were designed to support audio-visual applications and data services, while DAVIC 1.3 and further support enhanced digital broadcasting, interacting digital broadcasting and communications services (i.e. telephony).

The DAVIC specification for the downstream channel was from the beginning identical to DVB-C with some minor modifications. The upstream part of DAVIC 1.2 was already almost identical to the DVB-RCC (Return Channel for Cable) standard. Since 1997, DAVIC and the DVB Project have been co-ordinating formally and future versions of DVB and the DAVIC 1.5 specification for cable modem applications were identical.

DVB/DAVIC did not reach the success they hoped for. Nowadays, the DOCSIS and EuroDOCSIS standard are the most used standars for cable modems.

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