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Customized Applications for Mobile network Enhanced Logic (CAMEL) is an application to easily extend the services offered within a GSM network. CAMEL provides the mechanisms to support operator specific services, which are not covered by standardized GSM services. The services can even be supported when customers are roaming outside their home network (HPMN).

Before, to introduce new services within the network, it was necessary to update the software in all the base stations (BTS) and exchanges (MSC) involved. With CAMEL, the method is simplified: the local exchanges are instructed to refer unknown services to a central computer.

If all exchanges involved are provided with CAMEL, the software for new services only needs to be provided on this central CAMEL computer. However, the software at the terminal must also recognise the new services and make them available to the user.

In the United States is under the name WIN a counterpart of CAMEL specified. WIN provides the same functionality as CAMEL within ANSI-41 compatible networks.


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