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ALAC - At-Large Advisory Committee


The At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC) is an advisory committee to ICANN, the organization that administers the Internet's Domain Name System and address system. ALAC is responsible for providing advice on the activities of the ICANN, as they relate to the interest of individual Internet users (the "At-Large" community). ALAC was set up at the end of 2002 to involve and represent a broad set of individual user interests in the activities of ICANN.

Under the ALAC will be a network of self-organizing, self-supporting At-Large Structures throughout the world involving individual Internet users. These structures can be organized locally or around a particular issue. The At-Large Structures are organized around five Regional At-Large Organizations, one in each ICANN region - Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin-America/Caribbean and North America. The Regional At-Large Organizations are the coordination point in each region for public input to ICANN.

ALAC consists of ten members selected by the Regional At-Large Organizations, supplemented by five members selected by ICANN's Nominating Committee.


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